Using Autonomous Robots (Growbots) to mass-scale plant trees.

The Problem - Deforestation & Insufficient trees

Current planting techniques are failing to keep up with industrial-scale tree-clearing as they are slow, require exhaustive manual labour, are costly and often unsafe. 

  • Global costs of land degradation is approx US$231 billion per year.
  • Urban Heat Island Effect and the need for more plant rich suburbs.
  • Sediment & Erosion Issues.
  • Water & Air quality.
  • Species loss.
  • Tree planting techniques are slow, require exhaustive manual labour, costly and often unsafe.
  • Challenges with terrain & hard soil.
  • Dehydration and sunburn.
  • Venomous snakes and spiders.

The Solution

Our autonomous all-terrain robot (Growbot) planting trees 10 times faster, at 50% the cost of traditional tree planting methods, more safer, and the ability to plant trees over a wide range of terrains.

Using our patented technology, we streamline the tree planting process to allow the ability to mass-scale plant established tubestock (Treetubes) to help do what we humans aren’t doing enough of - rehabilitating industrial-scale tree cleared land.


Our Vision

To create a sustainable world for our future generations to come.

Our Service

We offer a range of customisable solutions tailored to your problem in

Species & Ecosystem Preservation | Carbon Offset | Land Restoration | Erosion & Sediment Control  

Our Mission

To plant trees faster than the rate at which they are being cleared.

Our Customers

Anyone who wants to plant trees. We are currently working with a number of different landcare, government and council organisations. However, we are interested in sponsors, corporate partners looking to offset their carbon emissions, or any groups interested in biodiversity.