CEO - Mark Stewart


“20 years experience in environmental management and tree planting specialist”

Mark is the CEO and founder of Skygrow and has worked in the environmental regulation industry for several years now. He has a passion for trees and is driven to change the impact of deforestation and climate change. 

CTO - Dr Toby Low

PhD (Mobile Robots) UQ, QLD.
BEng (Comp. Sys.) UQ QLD.

“Expert in mobile robotics and autonomous systems”

Co-founder Toby is our robotics specialist and has worked with a number of different robotic platforms from humanoids, quad-copters to ground-based mobile robots. With expertise in navigation, autonomous systems, robotics, computer vision, and mechatronic systems, he is our jack of all trades CTO leading our engineering team designing and building our state-of-the-art Growbot.