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Doing our part to help maintain our world through Autonomous Robotic Tree Planting.

What we are doing?

Using Autonomous Robots (Growbots) to mass-scale plant established tubestock (Treetubes) to help do what we humans aren’t doing enough of - rehabilitating industrial-scale tree cleared land.

Why we are doing it?

Current planting techniques are failing to keep up with industrial-scale tree-clearing as they are slow, require exhaustive manual labour, are costly and often unsafe.

How we are tackling the problem?

SkyGrow will offer a complete and comprehensive tree planting service where we undertake a comprehensive site assessment, conduct aerial assessments using UAVs (drones), recommend suitable plants species, plant trees using Growbots and monitor planted trees to ensure maximum growth and success.

How we are different?

There are other companies that are using aerial systems or UAVs to deliver seeds, however, SkyGrow is developing a ground system that is better because:

  • We can use a drill to break up hard and difficult soil.
  • We can plant established tubestock ensuring greater survival rates.
  • We can plant a wider variety of tree species.
  • We can add tree protectors to further aid tree survival.
  • We can carry soil conditioners for remediating poor soil health.

What do we need?

Contacts and networks interested in land rehabilitation and interested in helping us develop our tree planting solutions through providing us any of the following:

  1. Pilot sites to aid the development and test our Growbot.
  2. Marketplace information on current finances used in land rehabilitation and tree planting services and if you would be interested in Skygrow’s offerings.
  3. Any help in bringing our high-tech solution to into reality! Resources, knowledge, expertise, and/or funding opportunities.

Who to contact?

Mark Stewart - E: or M: 0435 027 267.